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Bootleg, Vol. 1 CD


A collection of unreleased songs, studio outtakes, acoustic renditions, and live performances.

Cover art fist design by GILF!

1. We're Gonna Stand up
2. We Will Reign (demo)
3. Wanted Man (live at Pinkpop Festival)
4. Timber
5. Tempest Blues (studio outtake)
6. Fire (live at Pinkpop)
7. Deportees
8. A Change is Gonna Come (live)
9. Killing Fields (live in Roaming Sounds RV Studio)
10. Edith Groove (studio outtake)
11. Battleground (live at Gibson Showroom, London)
12. I'm Gonna Live the Life I Sing About in My Song (live at Gibson)
13. Workers of the World - Unite! (live)
14. Fire (acoustic)
15. Hey Hey, My My (live at Gibson)
16. Killing Fields (live at Rock Werchter)